Tuesday 13 May 2014

La Mexicana, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

I am by no means an expert of Mexican food, but being married to an American has helped my education. The best Mexican food I've eaten was probably in Seoul's Itaewon district, an area catering for the soldiers stationed nearby. Since moving to KL, we've eaten the usual fajitas and burritos offered in the many family-style restaurants, however nothing has been truly authentic or overly impressive so far.

La Mexicana is probably the most authentic Mexican food you'll find in KL; the kitchen is run by a Mexican lady called Carmen.

La Mexicana can be found at the end of a pretty nondescript alley next to Hok Choon supermarket. It's a brightly decorated, inviting place with seating outside.

The first thing we ordered was Burritos de Chilorio RM28 (approx$9).

Chilorio is slow-simmered pork cooked in chilli and seasoned with cumin and garlic. This version came in flour tortillas which had been fried until crispy. 
As you can see from the picture above, these weren't the biggest tortillas, but boy were they good!
The main reason for this was the shredded pork, which was absolutely delicious, and prompted Erin to obsessively learn how to re-create it home, much to my benefit.

Overall - small for the price but an absolute pleasure to eat 4.5 / 5

Next up were the Tacos de Bistec Con Chorizo RM22 (approx $7).
These little beauties came stuffed with chopped pieces of tender beef mixed with chorizo, coriander and onion. Again, these weren't particularly big, but the beef was very tender and very well spiced.

Overall - Little bundles of beefy joy 4 / 5

Last up were the Enchiladas Verdes RM22 (approx $7).

These came in this cool bowl and were covered in cheese. On closer inspection, they looked like this:
As you can see from the picture above, the chicken was succulent and fell apart easily. The green salsa gave the meat a lot of flavour, and the cheese was good stuff.

Overall - Much better than your usual tex-mex fare - 4 / 5

La Mexicana certainly isn't cheap by KL standards, and the portions are small. The food however is really excellent, and its a friendly little place to eat in. 

Is it the best Mexican restaurant in KL? 

By an absolute mile...

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