Sunday 2 March 2014

Village Roast Duck, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Located in Bangsar Village, Village Roast Duck specialises in roast duck (you'd never have guessed...!). Anyway, its on the second floor and looks like this.
 We were given some duck soup when we sat down. It was a bit bland, but at least it was free...
The first ordered dish to arrive was the string beans and minced pork RM 15 (approx $5).
This dish is a bit of a Chinese favourite of ours, and this version was pretty good. The beans tasted fresh and were nicely sauteed in the right about of soy sauce. The pork worked well with the beans but could have been minced a little finer for my liking.

Overall - No complaints! 3.5. / 5 

Our starter was the honey glazed chicken wings RM 15 (approx $5) but actually came last of all our dishes.

These wings were big, juicy and came piping hot. The honey glaze was pretty thick but worked very well. My only complaint is that 4 wings is maybe a little stingy for the price.

Overall - Big, chunky wings with a nice glaze 3.5 / 5

We certainly weren't going to come to a restaurant with called Roast Duck without actually ordering some. After a bit of a husband and wife battle over Beijing style roast duck vs crispy aromatic duck, a victory due to my persistence led to this arriving on our table:

RM30 (approx $10) for half a duck, pancakes, spring onions and cucumber was pretty good value. The duck meat itself was crispy on the outside but was still juicy enough on the inside to satisfy Erin, who often points out that crispy duck can be too dry, hence her preference for the Beijing style.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, with the only gripe being that the pancakes were a bit thin and kept ripping - probably my fault....I often order this dish back home in the UK, but I've rarely had better or cheaper than this.

Overall - What we came for, and it didn't disappoint - 4 / 5

Village Roast Duck has a few rivals in Bangasr, with Paradise Dynasty and Melbourne Roast Duck offering very similar things but VRD certainly holds its own with its signature dish. My only gripe with the place is that it lacks a bit of soul, it's quite a small, pokey place with little in the way of decorations.

No complaints about the food though!

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