Saturday 8 March 2014

WIP, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

I used to think WIP was just a play on the Chinese/Indian mis-pronunciation of VIP, however it actually means Work In Progress....WIP is primarily a bar, and a noisy one too - it's literally across the road from where we live and the thumping bass can be heard almost every night until the early hours. It does however, do food and has a comprehensive, eclectic menu serving all kinds of different cuisines. This failure to focus on one area of specialism is often a slightly worrying sign as it's almost impossible to do everything well.

We arrived after 10pm for some much needed post-work drinks and comfort food.

Happy hour beers are RM17, happy hour mojitos are Rm19. WIP considers itself a bit of a mojito maestro:

As it turns out, the Mojito is pretty average with too much sugar and not enough alcohol.

After 10pm, WIP has a snack menu which still has quite a variety of options on offer. We went for the humus and fattoush.

The first impressions of this dish were that it was a pretty decent-sized portion of pitta and humus. Secondly, that the fattoush looked nothing like fattoush, where are the mixed greens that should come with the tomato?
The combination of pitta, fresh tomatoes and humus makes for a satisfying bar snack. We had no complaints over the flavours, and would order it again.

Overall - 3 / 5

Next up was the Mexicana Pizza RM27 (approx $9).

This came with peppers, jalapenos, and loads of spicy minced beef on top.

While this pizza certainly isn't going to win any awards any time soon, it makes for very enjoyable pub grub. The beef was well spiced and loaded with oregano, it almost tasted like something you'd russle up at home after coming back from the pub. The advantage of this one is that you don't have to leave the pub...

Overall - Enjoyable slop - 3 / 5

With its various water features, fire features and liberal use of fairy lights, WIP is an interesting and stylish place to have a drink. I'd recommend going before 10 0'clock when the music is more chilled, the happy hour is in force and the food menu is at its most ambitiously comprehensive.

I just wish they'd turn the music down...(that's where we live in the background)

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