Friday 10 January 2014

Fat Boys, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

Avenue K is the latest of many shopping malls to open in a city full of them. Apparently it's been three years in the making, you couldn't tell judging from the still many unused spaces.

Today we checked out Fat Boys, an American-style burger bar.

The menu sticks pretty close to the burger theme, with a wide selection of beef, lamb, pork and chicken-based burgers available, but it does offer things like fish'n'chips and bangers'n'mash. 

I decided to go for the chicken burger, topped with caesar salad, bacon, parmesan, and caesar dressing. It cost RM 18 (approx $6), and came with chunky fries.

The chicken had been butterflied and was a bit stringy, with some parts looking rather pink. The bun was also doused in caesar dressing, too much for my liking, but the bacon was okay. The fries were fine, but overall it was all very disappointing, and I left about a quarter of the chicken.

The picture above shows about as much as I managed to get through, although I ate all the chips!

Overall - not a good burger, bad choice in meat, too much dressing and badly cooked 1/ 5

We went to Fat Boys with a bunch of friends who ended up egging Erin on to order the strangest burger on the menu - the Elvis burger Rm16 (approx $5). She duly obliged....

The Elvis burger is an extremely bizarre combo of pork burger, banana and peanut butter. It certainly tasted 'interesting' but for me, these flavours which should never have been on the same plate as each other. The pork burger itself was okay, although it contained small cubes of fat which were unpleasant in both taste and texture.

I couldn't possibly have finished this burger myself, and I'm not sure if Elvis would have either.

Overall - top marks for originality but in terms of taste, an epic fail - 1 / 5

For me, Fat Boys didn't really have many redeeming features. I suppose their willingness to experiment with creative flavours, and to use a range of meats in their burgers, should be admired. However, this new restaurant really needs to get the basics right before anything else.

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