Friday 17 January 2014

Jarrod and Rawlins, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Last night we went to Taps (a craft beer pub near Changkat Bukit Bintang) and drank way too many of these...

I think this one was a Delirium Red, a Belgium fruit beer coming in at a hefty 8.5%. The result of a heavy night of craft beer consumption was a morning craving for something greasy. With that in mind, we headed down the road to Jarrod and Rawlings, a pub on the Bangkung Row in Bangsar.

Jarrod and Rawlins claim to be 'purveyors of fine food and wine', and clearly consider themselves to be more than just another drinking pub with food on the side. We'd been here before but only for the Sunday roast, which is fantastic. Unfortunately being a Friday afternoon, the roasts were a no-go today.

I ordered the full English breakfast RM32 (approx $10) which came with sausages, hash browns, 2 fried eggs, mushrooms, bacon, grilled tomato and toast i.e. your usual fare.

The bacon was probably the highlight of the plate; British-style 'back' bacon is sometimes hard to find in Asia, with the American 'streaky' equivalent usually what you get. The sausages were ok but nothing special, and the mushrooms, hash browns and eggs were all decent.

I suppose I can't be too critical because breakfasts like this are fairly hard to come by in a predominately muslim country, but as far as fry-ups go I'd say this was good but nothing special.

Overall - Not bad, but not in the same league as the roasts. 3 / 5

Erin ordered the pulled pork sandwich with Hoisin sauce (the stuff you usually get with duck).

I'm a big fan of pulled pork, and the Hoisin sauce actually worked very well as alternative to the more conventional bbq option. The chips were decent and the bread was ok, but the pork itself was delicious.

My only real gripe was the bread was a little thick, making the bread-to-meat ratio slightly off.

Overall - A satisfying sandwich, good for the morning after the night before. 3 / 5

Jarrod and Rawlins serves good pub grub in a pleasant location on the Bangkung Row, however I'd recommend going on a sunday for the roast rather than ordering off the menu.

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