Monday 20 January 2014

SundayRoast@Jarrod and Rawlings, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Living in Asia had previously deprived of one of my great guilty culinary pleasures - the Sunday Roast. The good news for me is that I am to be deprived no longer; Kuala Lumpur has a variety of pubs serving roasts, and a contender for 'best roast' is perhaps the one at Jarrod&Rawlings.

I reviewed the regular menu of J&R a few weeks ago so please refer to that one for directions and pictures of the place. Today I will focus on the roast..

Choice of roasts is either pork, chicken, beef or a mixture of two of the meats. Erin and I both opted for a beef and pork combo RM55 (approx $17) for a starter, a roast and an ice-cream.

For starters is a choice of soup or salad. I went for the soup of the day, which was pumpkin, and Erin went for the salad.

Not really much to say about these two...the soup was creamy, and although I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin I still enjoyed it. Erin said the salad was decent but didn't finish it off, which is always a telling sign, maybe she was just saving herself for the main event.

 This was what the roast looked like when it arrived. I asked for the beef to be cooked 'medium', it was perhaps on the medium-rare side but I didn't have any problems with this.

For me, the main attraction of a pork roast is the crackling, and I've had a few roasts overseas where they have tragically omitted it completely. Luckily for me it was included here, and I was given a healthy portion of Erin's too.

The pork meat itself was slightly dry but was fine with a helping of gravy. The crackling was crispy and delicious.

Undoubtedly the star of the show however, were the Yorkshire puddings. These Yorkshires, we think, have been double-cooked i.e. roasted and deep fried. 

These are great Yorkshire puddings and would be equally impressive if eaten in a country pub in the Dales. We could have done with a few more!

The beef was tastier than the pork in my opinion, and the veggies were also well-cooked. The only real disappointment for us were the roast potatoes.

These were slightly stodgy, and although still passable they let the side down a bit.

Overall - if you want a good roast in KL, this is the place to go - 4 / 5

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