Friday 17 January 2014

Mezze, Medan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

Walking away from Bangsar, and down the hill from our place is a small area of restaurants and bars called Medan Damansara. It's quite tricky to find but well worth looking for.

On the second strip, back from the main road is this place - Mezze.

Mezze styles itself as an authentic European bistro serving a mix of European and North African cuisine. The first thing that struck us when we walked in was the cozy decor and warm feel of the place.

The menu was non-Halal and had a variety of 'porky' specials in preparation for Chinese New Year. We decided that we'd share some tapas and then a main course.

The first thing to arrive was the slow-roasted pork belly and crackling, with spicy garlic chilli sauce RM16 (approx $5).

Not a huge plate of food but perfectly cooked juicy pork meat with crispy crackling on top. The spicy sauce was light and complimented the meat well.

I think it's important that the fat-to-meat ratio is just right with pork belly, and I'd say Mezze got it spot on.

Overall - A delicious way to kick things off - 4 / 5

Next to arrive were the spring rolls stuffed with pulled roasted duck meat, chicken, feta and mushroom with a spicy relish RM21 (approx $7).

These things were a bit of a revelation. They came stuffed to the brim with duck and chicken meat, and had a really nice zesty flavour to them. The sambal was also an excellent addition, which if you read my review of Dancing Fish, might come as a surprise.

Overall - These were seriously good spring rolls - 4.5 / 5

We decided to share a main course and went for the lamb pilaf pie, which contained aromatic basmati rice, and came with a side of salad and raita RM 36 (approx $12).

This is what it looked like inside:

The pie came stuffed with fragrant rice, cashew nuts and tender lamb meat. The pastry was flaky and light. The side salad was also good.

The richness of the meat mixed with the raita led to a winning combination. There was such a variety of spices and flavours to the dish that kept us guessing as we quickly polished it off.

Overall - An excellent pie with a really bold mixture of flavours - 4 / 5

As everything else had been so good, we ordered the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

After my reviews of the previous courses, it probably comes as no surprise that we thought this dessert was also excellent. The sticky toffee pudding was surprisingly light, and with the ice cream and caramel sauce it was another winning combination.

Overall - A very good sticky toffee pudding - 4 / 5

There are so many good things to say about our experience at Mezze. We liked the decor, the ambience, and the service was also very good. With the open kitchen and French chefs barking out orders, we couldn't help but feel confident that whatever we ordered would be good.

I tend to be quite strict when giving out scores on this blog; I do this so when a place comes along that is truly excellent, it is clearly reflected in the reviews. We loved everything we tried in Mezze, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for high quality European food in KL.

The street outside

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