Sunday 5 January 2014

Nosh, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Located in the trendy Bangsar district of KL, which also happens to be our backyard, is Nosh. Without knowing too much about the place, a quick glance at the menu would indicate that Nosh specialises in a mixture of Asian and Western dishes.

We went there after work on a Friday evening, and arrived at around 10 o'clock. The place was busy, the atmosphere verging on boisterous, and there was only one table available, which the friendly waiter swiftly showed us to.

We started by ordering one of the 'light bites' and went for the crispy oyster mushrooms with sea salt and lemon RM14 (approx $5).

The crispy coating was tasty but quite thick in proportion to the mushroom. On biting into the mushrooms, the flavour was dominated by the batter, with the thin mushrooms not really bringing much to the table.

The overall resulting taste was enjoyable to some extent because I like the taste of deep fried, crispy coating. However, perhaps a juicier type of mushroom e.g. button or portabello would have been a better choice than the oyster type.

Overall - 2.5 / 5

For the main course we ordered the braised beef cheeks with coffee infused sauce, served on a bed of mash RM42 (approx $14).

The beef cheek was tender at times but often quite tough, which is disappointing considering it had been braised. The sauce didn't really work for us; despite the coffee flavour being easy to detect, it didn't really infuse properly with the meat, hence adding little to the overall taste.

The mash was decent, but then again I enjoy lumpy mash...

Overall - 2 / 5 

For our other main course, we ordered curried lamb shank served with spaghetti in a spicy tomato sauce, RM41 (approx $14).

This peculiar combo was eloquently described in the menu as being an Asian-Western fusion dish. We thought it could be interesting so we took the plunge and ordered it.

It looked like this:

The result wasn't really much of a fusion dish as opposed to two separate dishes shoved on the same plate together. The lamb shank was cooked well and the curry sauce worked well with the rich red meat.

However, despite being tasty, I couldn't help but feel disappointed with what I was eating as the lamb could have been much better served with something more conventional like couscous or potatoes.

The spaghetti side of the plate was passable but rather uninspiring. For me, the two flavours really didn't mix and I found myself worried throughout the meal about contaminating one with the other. I suppose the only plus point was it felt like I had been given two main courses for the price of one!

Overall - Downright strange but individually okay 2 / 5

Although the atmosphere was lively and the service good, we were both disappointed by Nosh. Many of the dishes on the menu sounded good on paper, perhaps we simply ordered the wrong things....

Open kitchen

The restaurant was lively on a Friday evening

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