Sunday 26 January 2014

Nutmeg, Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur

Nutmeg is a recent addition to the Bangsar brunch scene, and there's no shortage of competition. It's located in Bangsar Village, and when we arrived on a Sunday afternoon it was almost full. Being in a shopping mall, the look of Nutmeg isn't going to win many plaudits, but it is pleasantly decorated with some cool wildlife pictures on the back wall.

I ordered a smoked salmon and scrambed-egg 'croissantwich' RM26 (approx $8).

The scrambled eggs were very creamy, and were a tad too mushy for my liking; they tasted good but I wasn't a massive fan of the texture (I'm being a bit picky here...). The salmon underneath however was a really nice cut. The best thing about this dish for me was the use of the croissant; it was firm enough to hold the salmon and egg and the flaky texture made it more interesting than it would have been with bread. The salad on the side was also nice and had an interesting jam-based dressing.

Overall - An interesting idea and a satisfying plate of food - 3 / 5

Erin ordered the open-faced salt beef sandwich on toasted sourdough, which came with hashed potatoes and a salad RM23 (approx $7).

  Not the best pick, and the only one I took - schoolboy error....

We were quite confident about this dish because it clearly stated that the mustard would be put on the side. I'm not a fan of restaurants that simply smear condiments over their sandwiches.

Anyways, the salt beef itself was quite lean; it only contained a layer of fat along the edge, which isn't always the case with salt/corned beef. The potatoes were good and the salad was the same as with the previous dish.

Overall - Another decent offering - good bread and a nice cut of salt beef - 3 / 5

All in all it was a satisfying brunch at Nutmeg; neither of us had any complaints about the food, the service or the prices. I'd say it's a good option if you are in the Bangsar Village area, but with the amount of competition nearby, it would be hard to envisage Nutmeg becoming the place to go to for brunch.

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