Thursday 9 January 2014

The Indian Kitchen, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

As those who know me well will testify, curry has a special place in my heart. In fact, if it wasn't for my wife's often stalwart resistance to the idea of eating Indian food, I would probably be having more than two curries a week here in KL. I should therefore be somewhat thankful to her that I'm not obese yet....

Fortunately my wife is a woman of fine taste (she did agree to marry me after all!), and if the curry house is good, then she might even be the one making the suggestion, as indeed she did this week after work on a Wednesday night. We decided to go to Devis Corner in Bangsar to try out their banana leaf but we were too late, so we opted for a tried and tasted favourite of ours - The Indian Kitchen.

The Indian Kitchen certainly isn't going to win any awards for originality of name or for decor, although it's dedication to playing relentless Bollywood dance numbers is admirable. Anyways, we decided to sit outside in the evening warmth and ordered some papadums to keep us busy.

 Not really much you can say about papadums except that they are either made on site (good) or packaged (bad). These ones were clearly made on site and kept us ticking over.

The next dish to arrive (service was slightly erratic) was the kati rolls.

Kati rolls are a bit of a discovery for me, in spite of my considerable experience of devouring curries around the world. It turns out they are from Kolkata, which now makes me regret not going there when I travelled India...

These kati rolls are a roti bread stuffed with grilled chicken, fried onion, capsicum with a dash of lime. They cost RM16 (approx $5) and were delicious. They almost felt like an Indian take on a burrito, and didn't last very long after being put in front of us.

 The chicken was juicy and tender, and the vegetables were cooked to an extent where they were soft and not affecting the texture.

Overall - Not the most sophisticated dish but for general tastiness, I can't see how they could be much better - 4 / 5

Next to arrive along with the usual Indian sundries of Jeera rice and naan, was Mutton Chukka Varuval RM16 (approx $5). According to the menu, the dish is simply a 'dry spicy mutton fry'. When it arrived it looked like this:

Without the help of the menu, I could at least pick out peppers, onions and coriander in the dish. The dish was quite light on the 'gravy' found in many curries, meaning more space was taken up by the meat, which suits me well.

The most important thing about this dish was the tenderness of the mutton meat. Although I'm a big fan of lamb / mutton, certainly in Asia it can be tough or fatty at times. Here at The Indian Kitchen however, the mutton is lovely and tender, off the bone and not fatty to the taste. This actually wasn't the first time we'd ordered this dish, and it was as good as we had remembered.

Overall - Mutton cooked really well - 4 / 5

The final dish we ordered was the brilliantly named, Baingan Bartha, which according the the menu contains roasted pureed brinjals (aubergine), minced and sauteed with onions, green chilies, tomatoes and coriander. It looked like this:

A slightly messy looking dish with a soft, mushy texture. We soon discovered it went down excellently when spooned up with papadums. Unfortunately after the aforementioned kati rolls and mutton, we simply didn't have it in us to finish it off. It wasn't for lack of taste, and for that reason it is now sitting in our fridge.

Overall - 3.5 / 5

The bill above shows a total of RM61 (approx $18) for everything including drinks. Compared to some of the other Indian options in the neighbourhood, The Indian Kitchen is a little pricier, however for this level of quality it is still very good value.

For me, The Indian Kitchen, along with Sri Nirvana Maju, Devis Corner and Passage Through India, is another example of why Bangsar has such great options when it comes to eating Indian Cuisine. We will be returning...

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